The SAFE N SURE™ Story

This is a story about a company whose leadership attempted to save their business during a crisis, and in the process began a crusade to provide much-needed supplies to a community suffering from one of the greatest pandemics in generations.

Having managed a well-known manufacturer of herbal detox drinks and supplements that are sold around the world, Safe N Sure’s leadership team saw that the economic impact of the worldwide health crisis would hurt the market for their products due to the imminent economic shutdown.

Director of Operations Michael Salame began calling around to all of his vendors, trying to find out if it was at all possible to convert his manufacturing infrastructure into one that could start producing the hand sanitizer – a product that was quickly disappearing from supermarket shelves nationwide. With his nearly twenty years of experience in packaging, sourcing, and filling Michael knew what needed to be done, he just needed the raw elements to make it happen.

What he soon discovered was that, while the capacity and the raw materials were available, multiple hurdles, including transportation issues, made it very difficult to achieve his goal.

Despite that, he began going above and beyond his original vision, realizing the overwhelming need of friends and family – which included health care professionals. He soon began sending out hand sanitizer and KN95 Masks to people and organizations across the country, moving mountains to get what he needed in order to manufacture as much of the needed sanitizer and KN95 Masks as possible.

Meanwhile, the company’s General Manager, who had long pushed for diversifying into other product lines, saw this as a chance to help the community and give the company a new mission.

Michael worked to develop new product lines that would redirect the company’s manufacturing muscle towards helping out first responders in the Las Vegas and Detroit metropolitan areas.

They would eventually go on to produce over 450,000 units of hand sanitizer within the first couple of months and donate nearly 90% of that to first responders in Las Vegas and beyond.

Word eventually reached the local news station, which aired a piece highlighting the business’ efforts, and word began to spread like wildfire about the company that retooled in order to help their community.

In the interview Mr. Salame stated that “something like hand sanitizer, that was used only once in a while, people will now carry with them forever” became overcome with emotion when asked how he felt about what the company was doing, saying that “there are a lot of folks hurting out there, and the fact that we’re able to help means everything to me”.

The company, despite economic hardships, also hired many out-of-work locals who lost their jobs due to the crisis. This caused their payroll to explode while their bottom line shrank. Despite this, Mr. Salame committed a tremendous amount of the company’s and his own personal resources towards helping the company rise to the occasion and meet this moment in history head-on.

Seeing the hand of destiny at work with the tremendous support of the local community, which flooded their online portal with orders for hand sanitizer and other safety products, the management team decided to rebrand and redefine its core mission.

Their company’s ongoing goal of helping consumers to boost their immune health and cleanse their system of impurities evolved into a larger mission. That new mission: to provide products that will ensure the safety and well-being of consumers nationwide and across the globe.

That is why they proudly introduced a new company with a new vision: Safe N Sure™ Industries.

With a growing list of high quality, affordable, and reliable products, Safe N Sure™ intends to fill the void that has been left by others who have been unable to meet the public’s needs during times of crisis.

These products so far include Hand Sanitizer in a wide variety of sizes, KN95 and 3 Ply Face Masks, Hairnets, Sanitizer Spray, Sanitizing Wipes, and their most unique offering of all – one that’s sure to make mom’s all over the world happy: Thermo-Strips. Thermo-Strips are disposable forehead thermometers with medical-grade glue that offer continuous, non-invasive, and child-safe monitoring of anybody’s temperature for up to 8 hours.

With their tremendous efforts, despite the incredible odds stacked against them, this Las Vegas company has gone “All-In” on a gamble that promises to make quality safety products available to everybody that needs them.

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